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Giugiaro Design is today the industrial and transport design division of Italdesign. It was established in 1981 by Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro, present Chairman of the Group, leading a highly qualified team of business and design professionals in line with international market’s trends and expectations. Today Giugiaro Design is based in the Moncalieri HQ and ranks among the leading companies in the field of industrial design worldwide, for its size, for the variety and quality of its services, its know-how and activity on the international markets.At the base of Giugiaro Design’s versatility is the adoption of a working method divided into steps that can be used for any product and enables to develop a project for the various possible fields of application, sticking to the same exacting approach. Giugiaro Design has representative offices in Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. Since 1996, Fabrizio Giugiaro is the Styling Director.