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M 41 Dryer Hood


Brand: Exonda

Professional dryer hood with ten temperature and two airflow levels

Efficient and time-saving, the M 41 dryer hood dries hair rapidly and gently with a minimum consumption of energy, thanks to its innovative aero recycling system which reuses up to 70 per cent of the preheated air. Fans with low noise emissions make this dryer hood particularly convenient to use, with ten temperature and two airflow levels enabling individual adaptation to suit customer wishes. The M 41 dryer hood can also be branded with an individual logo. The dryer hood can be used in combination with the ST 5 stand as a mobile pedestal unit or, alternatively, as a wall unit in combination with the Acrobat 2000 spring-loaded arm.

Product characteristics

  • Ten temperature levels
  • Two fan speeds with low-vortex air distribution
  • Energy saving aero recycling system
  • Low noise emissions
  • Easy handling
  • Appealing design
  • Branding with individual logo
  • Casing colouring: Titanium

Mounting options (not included in scope of delivery)

  • Pedestal version: Versatile ST 5 pedestal unit with pedestal adapter for ST 5
  • Wall-mounted version: Acrobat AC2000 spring-loaded arm with wall mounting for AC2000
  • Available on request: Individual solution for ceiling or floor mount

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