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Of course, good advice makes the difference for your salon and plans.
During an intake interview you can explain how you have your dream salon in mind. Do you have a floor plan of your salon and photos? Take these with you! Make an open appointment for an intake interview
By means of a mood board, photos and your story, we get an idea of how we can translate your idea into a design.


After the intake, we will start working on your design and we will make a first draft in 2D. Often it can be regarded as the concept and things can still be adjusted after consultation. This is how together we will reach a final design.

With the completion of the design, we always take the available budget into account so that you will never be faced with surprises.

The rules on health and safety regulations are very strict in the Netherlands compared to the rest of the world. We have the knowledge and science and ensure that our collection and our designs comply with these rules.


To make your business unique and to give it its own identity, choice of color and material is very important. This is difficult for many customers because it is such a determining factor for the final appearance.

We will help you make the right decision with the right trends and keep you informed of the latest developments regarding your project.


Acoustics are a very important but also difficult part of the salon design. Many salons use hard materials for floors, walls and ceilings because they are easy to maintain.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the reflection of the sound from hairdryers, a lot of talking people, and work materials cause a lot of noise nuisance.

Good acoustics prevent loss of customers, employee fatigue and ensure general tranquility in the salon.


In order to gain the best possible use of the space in your salon and to ensure that all materials have a fixed storage place, it is inevitable to work with custom-made pieces.

Our projects usually consist of 50% custom work. How the custom work is designed and developed is extremely important for quality and lifespan. We deliver custom work of the best quality of materials which are suitable for a salon.

When designing the custom work, the wishes of the customer and the solutions they want to see reflected in them are always taken into account.

In our showroom we have a very wide range of color samples.


We can develop the 2D design into a 3D design upon request and under conditions.

All necessary information such as color and layout are included in this. This forms a lifelike approach to the space and the final result. Perfect for anyone who has difficulty visualizing.

If you would like more information about this, please contact us or schedule an appointment with us for an open intake appointment.


After the 2D or 3D design has been created just as desired, we can start working out the budget. This specifies everything so that it is clear what each part will cost. This way good decisions can be made, and we can ensure that the project is carried out within budget.

Even if you have decided to do the renovation with your own contractors, we can guide you and play a coordinating role.


If desired, we can also work out a lighting plan. When we carry out the entire project, the lighting plan is always included and deserves a lot of attention. After all, lighting is one of the most important pillars in your salon.

A lighting plan for a hair salon is a very big challenge because, unlike other types of business, you have to deal with the fact that it is a workspace where very good light is required and there must also be a pleasant atmosphere for the customer.
You can have the most beautiful interior in the world, but without the right lighting you cannot create a beautiful atmosphere or function optimally. When creating a tailor-made lighting plan, we take into account, among other things, the incoming daylight, the color of the floor, etc.

Important aspects that we take into account are the number of lumens, kelvin, lux and color realness. We also take sustainability into account and will use LED lighting.


After approval of the quotation, the technical drawings (also known as specifications) can be finalized.

It is often necessary to measure first in order to make sure that the drawings are all correct. As soon as the technical drawing is ready, they must all be discussed with the (sub)contractors.

Whether we manage the project turn-key or have to collaborate with external parties, we will play an important coordinating role throughout the entire process.


A turn-key project means that we manage the entire renovation. You will be completely relieved of work and this will save you a lot of stress. While you continue to work at another location, we will arrange your renovation. We will of course involve you fully in all necessary decisions and will keep you informed of the progress.


When the renovation is complete, we will make an appointment for delivery. Usually we ask clients to go to work for a few weeks so they can get used to their new salon and maybe run into certain things. This is all discussed upon delivery. If things still need to be resolved, we always ensure that this is done without inconvenience and in consultation.

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