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Karim Rashid is regarded as a legend in the world of design. To date he has had some 3000 objects put into production, which turns him into one of the most prolific designers in the world. Karim Rashid has designed luxury goods, hi-tech products, objects, as well as brand identities, restaurants, hotels and multi-purpose centres. However, his work is not focused on exclusive environments only. Quite the opposite. He pursues the idea that design should be an experience every person, from any social class, can share in. Therefore, he now travels the world as a frequent guest lecturer at universities and conferences to speak about the importance of style, taste and practicality in our every day life. His work is in the permanent collections of twenty museums and galleries worldwide, including the international design museum Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, that selected for its permanent exhibition the multisensorial shampoo station Teknowash, designed by Karim Rashid for Gamma & Bross.