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Salon Vac


Brand: Comfortel

Comfortel’s SalonVac is an electric vacuum tailored for Hair Salons and cleaning hair. Cleaning hair in the salon has never been easier. The self-contained vacuum includes technology that incorporates a powerful suction designed to pick up the finest of dust, including hair. The foot-pedal turns on the power and allows the hair to be sucked directly into the unit.

What’s in the box:
• 1 x Comfortel’s Salon Vac
• 1 x Power Cord
• 1 x Foot Pedal Control
• 5 x Salon Vac Disposable Bags

A pack of 40 salon vac bags can be purchased separately.

Available colors: Black
Material: Steel
Dimensions: WxHxD: 65 x 38 x 41 cm

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